Self-Professed Foreign Policy Expert Obama Botches Names of BOTH Saudi Crown Princes

by Warner Todd Huston | May 15, 2015 1:47 pm

President Obama–our self-professed “expert” in foreign policy–had a very bad day at his Middle East Summit… you know, the one most Middle Eastern leaders skipped? Yeah, that one. Anyway, our foreign policy expert is so good at foreign policy that he botched the names of both the Saudi Crown princes who bothered to attend.

But Obama’s an expert[1]… isn’t he?

Yesterday, two Saudi crown princes arrived to meet with President Obama at the Oval Office, after King Salman refused to meet Obama at the Gulf summit or at the White House.

White House officials should have been careful to make sure everything with the two top Saudi officials went smoothly — but instead, Obama flubbed on the deputy crown prince’s name and the name of the king who forged America’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud.

The prince sat stony-faced as Obama makes the error.

What a dolt.

  1. But Obama’s an expert:

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