Sen. Kamala Harris: It’s Time To Ban Private Ownership of ‘Assault Weapons’

Sen. Kamala Harris: It’s Time To Ban Private Ownership of ‘Assault Weapons’

For anyone out there that just kind of figured that Kamala Harris was another loony leftist that was pretty much harmless, you might want to rethink that. Right now, she is leading the pack to run for the presidency for the left in 2020. That’s if Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t get it. She tweeted last Thursday, that it is “past time” to ban private ownership of “assault weapons.” There it is… if the left gets in power, they fully intend to come for your guns and ban them.

She’s hiding behind her claim that it is for public safety… you know, for our own good. And she would expand the definition of assault weapons to all guns. I have absolutely no doubt about that. None. Gun-related deaths are not the problem here. Progressive ideas and political agendas that let criminals run wild and do what they want are the root cause here. By banning guns, you hurt good, innocent people and leave them at the mercy of predators who don’t follow the law. This woman considers any gun that is black to be a so-called assault weapon. She has no idea what she’s talking about. Or even worse, maybe she does.

From Breitbart:

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Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) tweeted on Thursday that it is “past time” to ban private ownership of “assault weapons.”

Harris suggested public safety is her motivation, which is strange when one considers that “assault weapons” are used so infrequently by criminals that the FBI reports nearly three times more people are stabbed to death than are killed with rifles (of any kind) and shotguns combined.

The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) showed the number of people killed with rifles (of any kind) and shotguns in 2015 totaled approximately 548. Nearly three times that many, approximately 1,573, were stabbed or hacked to death.

And do not miss the fact that the number of “assault weapon”-related deaths would have been but a fraction of the 548 total deaths from rifles (of any kind) shotguns combined. Yet Sen. Harris is pushing an “assault weapons” ban for the benefit of public safety.

Claiming that public safety is behind her moves here is extremely disingenuous. Nothing could be further from the truth. The United States had a federal “assault weapons” ban from 1994 to 2004 without any noticeable impact on crime. What it did impact is the constitutional rights of Americans to protect themselves. The term ‘assault weapons’ is a manufactured myth created by the Democrats in the 1990s and they are still pushing it.

Even the New York Times knows better than this. America was “suffering from a spike in gun crime…in the early 1990s,” so “Democrats created and banned [an entire] category of guns.” The ban lasted from 1994 to 2004 and although crime fell during that time, a “detailed study found no proof” the decline was due to the ban. It wasn’t, it was due to stepped up law enforcement in cities such as New York. Kamala Harris is a true Marxist and a liberal attorney. If she is the Democratic nominee, she will run on a platform that includes destroying the Second Amendment. She needs to be stopped and this type of fascism needs to go once and for all.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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