Senate Democrats Prefer Illegal Alien Benefits To Military Benefits

We’ve long known that Democrats are not particular supporters of the military. This seemingly grew out of the hippy/anti-Vietnam movement…interestingly, a war started by Democrats…and strengthened during the Carter years, to the point that the Left has been attempting to cut military spending at every turn. They’re still trying to do it today, supporting cuts to the military while protecting illegals

(Daily Caller) Senate Republicans were unable to stop military pension cuts when Senate Democrats blocked a vote on an amendment to prevent the cuts by closing a welfare loophole for illegal immigrants Tuesday night.

The two-year budget deal brokered by Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, would cut military pensions by $6 billion over ten years, leaving some Senate Republicans scrambling to stop the cuts.

“Removing this unbalanced treatment of our military retirees ought to be one of the key actions we should take before this legislation moves forward. In fact, greater savings than this can be achieved by passing a legislative fix recommended by the Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury that would stop the IRS from improperly providing tax credits to illegal aliens,” Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions said Monday, announcing his co-sponsorship of Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker’s amendment to restore the military retirement benefits Monday.

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What this is about is a provision in the law that allows the parents of illegal children to obtain welfare benefits, to the tune of $4.2 billion dollars in 2010. Sessions’ amendment would have required a Social Security number to be used to claim the child tax credit, rather than a taxpayer ID number, as well as restore the military pension cuts.

Sessions’ motion failed on a 46 — 54 party line vote, with North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan crossing the aisle as the lone Democrat to vote with the Republicans.

“Reid’s majority just voted to keep pension cut for vets instead of cutting welfare payments to illegal aliens,” a Sessions aide emailed.

But of course. Democrats have determined that they really love illegal aliens. Military members? Not so much.

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