Senate Dems Finally Set To Take Up Jobs…Just Kidding, They Want Filibuster Reform

by William Teach | September 27, 2010 10:01 am

Obviously, since Democrats are in control of the Senate, they and their unhinged minions have a problem with the filibuster, something they used to great effect during the Bush years. Well, during the 4 years they didn’t control the Senate while Bush was president. Moonbats forget that part. Of course, they didn’t use it quite as much as Republicans have used it since 2007, due to Republicans reaching across the aisle to work with Democrats. Now, though

Despite expected losses this fall[1], Senate Democrats are not backing down on their commitment to filibuster reform.

In the wake of two failed procedural votes last week, some Democrats in the upper chamber say reform is necessary. However, obstacles remain in the form of Democratic centrists and election-year politics.

And when Republicans have control of the Senate and want to block the agenda of whichever Republican wins the White House in 2012, Democrats and their peeps will pitch one of their typical hissy fits when they can’t filibuster. Of course, so many Democrats were all for the filibuster at one time, people like…..Barack Obama[2]! And people who want to do away with the filibuster are extremists, so says……Paul Krugman[3]! They didn’t seem to have a problem when Robert Byrd filibustered to stop the Civil Rights Bill.

“It was already virtually certain that we would do something,” said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.). “The gridlock has been so frustrating already that the prospect of it getting worse only adds additional logic to try and help the filibuster problem … This is an unprecedented abuse of the filibuster that is completely out of conformity with the traditions of the Senate, and all we’re trying to do is to get it back to its traditional use … The question is about how we do it, not whether we do it.”

Can someone call for a waaaah-bulance for Sheldon? The Republicans have done a great job gumming up the works in stopping much of the vast far left agenda of the Democrats. When a majority tries to pass legislation like the Disclose Act, DREAM Act, and repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell by stuffing them in other bills rather than offering up full legislation, the minority has no choice but to use the filibuster, one of several parliamentary provisions meant to keep the majority from being a tyranny.

But, hey, go ahead and attempt to change the rule next year, Senate Dems (I don’t think the GOP will regain the Senate till 2012), and show the American public more of your actual agenda, which is not in helping out Americans, but in consolidating power.

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