Shooting Spree in Detroit Police Station

by Dave Blount | January 24, 2011 2:14 pm

Imagine the 24/7 media circus it would set off if a white guy went into a police station in Provo and started shooting up the place, wounding four officers. But if a black guy[1] does it in Detroit[2], it barely causes a ripple:

It was just before 4:30 p.m. Sunday when the gunman came into the police station and started shooting.

A female sergeant in a hallway was hit first. Commander Brian Davis raced out of his office, exchanged fire with the gunman and got shot in the back.

Then the gunman rushed the horseshoe-shaped front desk with his pistol grip shotgun. Sgt. Ray Saati and Officer David Anderson also were shot before the gunman was killed.

That’s how terror unfolded in the Detroit Police Department’s Northwestern District, according to interviews with police sources.

No doubt if Keith Olbermann were still around, he would find a way to tie this around the neck of Sarah Palin. In his absence, we are left to link it to Detroit’s headlong plunge into primordial jungle.

Economies and societies will collapse in tandem. A look at this once great city’s top 10 employers[3] gives a clue as to why its economy has disintegrated:


Considering that Wayne State is a public university, and GM and Chrysler were essentially absorbed by the Obama Administration on behalf of the UAW, the only ones that aren’t government entities are healthcare related — and the ObamaCare has set in motion the nationalization of that industry.

Who in the private sector is generating the tax revenue to meet the payrolls? In Detroit, hardly anyone. Big Government and unions have made it impossible to do business.

Once world famous as the industrial backbone of America, Detroit is now known for the term Detroitification, defined as “the long process of hollowing out a private economy to prop up an unsustainable government.” It’s as good a word as any to describe what happens when liberals are left in charge.

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