SNL DESTROYS Hillary… and It’s Beautiful

SNL DESTROYS Hillary… and It’s Beautiful

Ah, not even Hillary supporters like Hillary. They are deserting the Clinton ship like rats for Bernie. The love fest with the aging, trollish commie is in full swing and young zombies are thrilling to his message of entitlement, fairness and taxes. SNL did not disappoint in this sketch… they depicted Hillary for the loser she is. Although in a Democratic, liberal, loving Bernie sort of way. When Cecily Strong’s character entered, she said she would definitely be voting for Clinton, “because Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright basically said it’s my feminist duty.” But she quickly changed her mind when someone reminded her that “true feminism is looking at both candidates equally, regardless of gender.” “Oh,” she said. “Well, if I really do that, I pick Bernie.” For the second week in a row, SNL embraced Bernie Sanders while at the same time illustrating just how unlovable Hillary Clinton really is.

Hillary Clinton

From Louder with Crowder:

We here at LwC are early boosters of Kate McKinnon’s impersonation of Hillary Clinton (see Hillary Clinton On SNL. A Funny, But Defeatist Sketch… and SNL Delivers Most Hilarious/Brutal Portrayal of Hillary Yet!). Instead of playing her with revere and respect, she’s portrayed as…well, the Hillary Clinton we all know. And don’t love.

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Which brings us to last night. An entire sketch mocking how unlikable Hillary Clinton is? Just. Push. Play.

This skit had everything… the pantsuit, the coldness, the really bad acting. They say if Hillary can’t get to them through the debates, she’ll do it through a song… via SNL. Wait, that’s not quite working the way she thought it would, now is it? SNL is catering to the millennials and serving humor at Clinton’s expense, which they usually only do with Republicans. Guess SNL is feeling the Bern these days. Must see TV for the zombie generation. At least they destroyed the Hildabeast and it was beautiful.

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