So Much for Freedom of Speech: ‘Wash. Post’ Columnist Thinks Anti-Obama Speech Should be Illegal

by Warner Todd Huston | May 20, 2015 2:20 pm

Jonathan Capehart, a longtime columnist for The Washington Post, hates the First Amendment so much that he thinks you shouldn’t be “allowed” to say anything bad about Barack Obama.

Capehart jumped to Twitter[1] yesterday to complain about the people attacking Obama after the President launched (again) his Twitter account.

“The hatred squeezed into 140 characters by lunatics is enough to make you question your support for 1st Amendment,” Capehart wrote.

This Tweet was a shorter version of a paragraph he wrote[2] in the newspaper:

“The amount of hatred squeezed into 140 characters or less by lunatics usually cloaked in anonymity is enough to make you question your support for the First Amendment and your faith in the decency of other people.”

So, notice to all you American commenters on politics (left and right). Despite the fact that the “freedom of speech” that the founders invented was created specifically to protect political speech, Jonathan Capehart wants your free speech to be made illegal.

  1. jumped to Twitter:
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