Soros’ NPR: Iconic Noir Film “Citizen Kane” Meets Reality, Sparks Downfall of Political Correctness

Glenn Beck made a good observation the other day comparing radical Leftist billionaire George Soros to Orson Welles’ iconic character Charles Foster Kane, who was based on Yellow Journalist William Randolph Hearst. Soros, who gave almost two million dollars to NPR, can be viewed as a driving factor for the organizations many questionable moves; the most recent being the firing of Juan Williams over voicing a feeling millions of people have.

Obama’s America is not the pretty little picture he painted for us on the campaign trail. His utopic vision of everyone holding hands and getting along culminated into a world of looming threats and disaster from every angle. The overactive knee-jerk progressive culture in which we live has a dark side that reminds me of a world Raymond Chandler would have written about. In fact, the current state of the country feels much more like a classic noir picture than anything else.

Film Noir, one of my favorite classic Hollywood genres, dealt with the dark side of human nature. Common motifs were crime, corruption, murder, sex and greed. The everyman is always a victim of himself and his lustful desires which often were sparked from a sultry femme fatale. The tragic end is always inevitable, corrupt dreams are always shattered by more death and destruction.The problem was that what appeared to be the right thing for the characters to do was actually the exact opposite. See any parallels to today? The self-righteous PC Left may have hit rock bottom in true noir fashion.

In the war-torn world of the 1940s that sparked the dark and stylish film movement, paranoia was running high as the country was fighting to stabilize itself. The same is happening today, only a slightly different brand. Political correctness is the driving force behind numerous progressive causes and think tanks including that major cash contributors like Soros and company. Juan Williams was just collateral damage because he is a liberal who no longer fit into the far-Left paradigm of hypersensitivity.

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Political correctness, which Dennis Miller famously coined as “inverted McCarthyism,” has been on a suicide mission for years and the latest controversy over Juan Williams is a perfect example of what is to come. The backlash over NPR and in the process people like Soros is a sign of what to expect in the future. The PC obsessed culture in this country is destined for a tragic Hollywood noir ending, and it will be beautifully poetic.

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