Supercommittee Democrats Push Stimulus Spending As Part Of Deficit Reduction Deal

No, really. Somehow, these fools think that dumping more money in yet another wasted attempt to hook up campaign contributors stimulate jobs will reduce the deficit. Technically, if the spending would reap a huge hiring spree where salaries went up and people were again paying taxes (which would also be a boon to the cash starved states. Thanks, Obama!) and the money was rolling into the Treasury, it might work. But, based on the previous Stimulus measures, the money would be wasted

(The Hill) Democrats on the congressional supercommittee this week presented Republicans with a plan to cut the deficit that included billions of dollars in stimulus spending, aides told The Hill.

In a private meeting of the deficit panel Tuesday, Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, presented a proposal backed by a majority of Democrats on the panel that includes more than a trillion dollars in tax increases. The revenue would partially cover stimulus spending for the economy, aides said.

Apparently, the Democrats forgot the purpose of the Supercommittee, which is to decrease the deficit by a paltry $1.2 trillion….kinda weird to write that, but, when the deficit is over $15 trillion (really more like well over $100 trillion with the unfunded liabilities and mandates), $1.2 trillion over 10 years is chump change. But, Buacus and the Dems think that this should be a “jobs” bill. No matter how many times they repeat that word, they do not know what it really means, and they aren’t capable of doing it if it doesn’t include the unions or is a government job. Hey, maybe they could ask Nancy Pelosi, who does a great job of employing non-union workers at her business ventures.

Notice that the included stimulus would not even be truly paid for by all the tax increases included. And you can guarantee that any tax increases would hit now, along with the spending, while any reductions would be backloaded years down the road, and never take affect.

It easy to see that the primary purpose of the Democrats is to raise taxes, and the tax increases will not just hit “the rich” and people who create jobs, they will hit everyone. This is the Democrats version of trickle up poverty, and they want all the money to fund the federal government to reward to people who donate to their re-election campaigns and to throw around to their core voter blocks. They wouldn’t know a cut if it reached up and slapped them in the face. The whole process is doomed to failure, but, it was doomed to fail when it was determined that the supercommittee would attempt to reduce the deficit by a measly $1.2 trillion over 10 years.

Democrats have said from the beginning that the supercommittee should produce a “jobs plan” that includes “investments” to help the economy.

We’ve seen how well their “investments” have worked so far. They failed the private sector, they’ve wasted money beyond belief (money we owe to China), they ramped up government hiring, and now those same public sector workers are being laid off because local, state, and federal agencies cannot afford to keep them on. The economy is a mess. And Democrats want to do it again. Dare I say “morons”?

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