Surprise: Indiana Democrat Proposes Allowing Certain Dead People To Vote

Of course, none of the articles actually mention that the State legislator proposing this is a Democrat

(Time) It’s difficult to vote if you’re dead. (Unless you live in Chicago. Or New York. Or Florida.) But an Indiana lawmaker is hoping to make election season a bit easier for the recently departed at least.

Indiana Rep. Matt Pierce proposed a bill taken up by the House Elections Committee Wednesday that would allow an absentee ballot from someone who dies before Election Day to be counted.

Democrat Matt Pierce was supposedly upset that former U.S. Rep. Frank McCloskey’s vote in 2004 (11 years later????) wasn’t counted, as McCloskey passed away from cancer prior to election day. Of course, there’s a wee bit of a problem with this scheme

(IndyStar) Indiana Election Division co-director Brad King says allowing such votes could violate a state constitutional requirement that a voter live in a precinct for 30 days before an election.

Seriously, is this a really big issue in Indiana, where people lose their vote by dying within 30 days of an election? Or, really, is this a serious issue for Democrats dying before elections? Of course, details matter, so it would be interesting to see how this bill is written. Does it block the checking of voter rolls against deaths, which would open the floodgates to lots of dead people voting?

Meanwhile, found while checking Pierce’s official website

An Indiana House Committee today passed legislation authored by State Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) requiring professional massage therapists to be held accountable to the same standards of practice as other healthcare professionals.

The Indiana House Public Health Committee approved House Bill 1360 that establishes higher ethical and behavioral guidelines for therapeutic massage therapists.

“Professional massage therapists welcome more stringent regulation for their industry,” said Errington. “This legislation helps separate amateur therapists from those who are truly devoted to providing high-quality treatment to their patients.”

Interesting. If I had to guess, this is either about some massage therapist pissing off a bigshot Democrat, about regulating massage therapists heavily (because Dems love them some Big Government), and/or creating a way to manufacture new union membership. Also, it’s interesting that Democrats want to hold massage therapists to the “same standards of practice as other healthcare professionals”, yet, pitch a fit over requiring abortion providers to provide the same standards of practice as other healthcare professionals.

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