Tax Paid Black University Professor: Whites Should Put all Their ‘Unearned Wealth’ Directly in Black People’s Bank Accounts

by Warner Todd Huston | June 5, 2015 10:51 am

Professor Larry Brown of Baltimore’s Morgan State University has a new edict for all you white people that want to support the “Black Lives Matters” movement. To be allowed to participate and help African Americans push their lie-filled “hands up” claims, from now on you white “allies” will have to put your “unearned wealth” directly in a black person’s bank account.

Prof. Brown[1] is an assistant prof of the Health Policy and Management-Environmental Health Sciences department at the public, taxpayer supported MSU. And a student recently found a Tweet that Brown pushed out earlier this year…

[email protected][2] Attn white students at @MorganStateU[3] Professor Lawrence Brown says 'Give us all your money'[4]

— Joe Prich (@JoePrich) June 4, 2015[5]

Apparently Brown doesn’t want white people helping him push his false “black lives matters” malarkey.

This makes Brown the anti-Martin Luther King, Jr. because King wanted people of every race, creed, and nation joining his march for civil rights. Brown wants to segregate and exclude other races. Brown is a quintessential racist.

Exit question: Morgan State[6] is a “historically black college” but also publicly supported. How does MSU get away with excluding other races using government money? Isn’t that state sponsored racial discrimination?

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