Teachers Union’s BIG Break: Obama Let’s Them Get Out of Obamacare

As the list was revealed of 111 corporations and unions that got a free pass to get out of having to suffer under Obamacare given them by their bought-and-paid-for president, we see that the teachers really got a break.

With over 350,000 members, the United Federation of Teachers is one of the largest organizations on the list of those 111 given such favorable treatment.

But the real hypocrisy is the fact that the UFT was one of the biggest activists in favor of Obamacare And now they are being given a waiver to get out of suffering under it?

In April of this year, for instance, UFT issued a triumphant message on its website praising Obamacare and claiming that it was going to improve the lives of all Americans.


We now have health care reform legislation and, while it’s not perfect, it is a beginning and will improve the lives of millions of Americans, including the 39 million of us on Medicare, the 32 million who are uninsured and children with pre-existing conditions.

At the end of this jubilant message, UFT warned its members that the fight was not yet over.

Now it’s up to us to make sure those who will do everything in their power to undermine our long-overdue health care reform are held in check. Our legislators need to hear that we appreciate their vote for reform and that we expect them to see that it is fully implemented.

Yet… UFT’s next stage of Obamacare activism was to get a waiver from having to suffer under the very legislation that they claimed was so wonderful?

This is the sort of hypocrisy of Democrats and their left-wing supporters that really needs to be revealed to every American.

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