Telling Us Who They Fear: Left-Wing Journo Attacks Rep. Allen West

by Warner Todd Huston | April 27, 2011 12:11 pm

Brandon K. Thorp, a gay activist from the alternative weekly Broward-Palm Beach New Times newspaper, is only the latest left-winger to launch into a verbal assault on Lt. Col. Allen West, now a Representative from Florida’s 22nd District. Like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, Rep. West is one of the many conservatives that leftists fear the most. We know this because the left’s constant, fevered, overwrought attacks tell us so.

This time Thorp, who also has worked for CNN, is all hot-n-bothered by West’s April 19 use of an historical reference to rally conservative and Republican women to the cause. In an address to a *Women Impacting the Nation[1] meeting in Boca, West urged conservative women to raise strong men by relating to them the example of the Spartan women of ancient Greece.

“When you understood what made the Spartan men strong it was the Spartan women,” West told those gathered. Thorp thought this whole meme was not only “ungraceful,” but proved West is “hateful and stupid.” Further Thorp’s poison pen informs us that he thinks West is “not nearly smart enough to give coherent extemporaneous speeches.”

Thorp’s first offbase criticism is over whether West should have been addressing his comments to mothers or fathers.

If he’d had more than ten minutes to think about it, West probably would have realized that his riff about Spartan mothers was a little less than empowering. Given some reflection, West might also have realized that it’s the American father, not the American mother, in need of a good pep talk about child-rearing.

And who is it, might I ask, that allows these men to roam from baby-momma to baby-momma? Why, yes, that would be women. Sorry, Thorpster, but women set the tone for a marriage and a family. It has always been thus. Does it absolve men for their roaming around? No, of course not. But to say, as Thorp did, that women are any less in need of a pep talk about childrearing is simply Thorp’s PCism run amuck. He is one of those castrati that can’t possibly imagine that a woman might need a pep talk about anything. In his weak-willed world, women can’t be wrong because, why, they are oppressed “minorities,” you see?

The fact is that both sexes need this pep talk, women no less than men. Still, it is women that need to be strengthened first and foremost, before the men, because it is women who are the backbone of the family. Strong women do, indeed, make strong families and raise strong children. Men are in need of the talk, too, but to say women don’t just because they are women is poppycock.

West went on to lambaste these “Planned Parenthood women, these Code Pink women” that are “neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness.” This, Thorp asserted is “as hateful as it is stupid.”

Then Thorp tried to lull the reader into the assumption that the extremist, left-wing, anti-American group Code Pink is supported by “left of center” Americans. This is a misconstruction of how extreme the Code Pinkos are. Neither Code Pink nor its supporters are in any way left of center. They are extremists of the far left, not moderates.

Worse, this fellow tried to cast Allen West as wanting to murder his opponents.

…the left-of-center half of America is not trying to enslave the right-of-center half. If we were, the right-of-center half would have every right to murder us on sight. That is what you do with people who mean to enslave you, especially if you are a warrior.

So, what we have from this extreme, left-wing writer is that Allen West is stupid, he is a wannabe murderer, and he hates women while desirous of letting men play the field without being scolded for their adulterous behavior. Nothing could be farther from the truth. But Thorp has let his hate guide him.

Yep, that sort of absurdly hyperbolic hate tells us exactly what Thorp thinks. He is overwrought, filled with vitriol, and unable to keep his cattiness out of his writing.

If you missed it, here is West’s address in two parts:

*Women Impacting the Nation is a group that is “made up of women who want to impact our nation.” They “believe it is time to stand up and speak out for what we believe.”

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