Terry McAuliffe Comes Out In Favor Of Abortion Up Until the Second The Baby’s Born

by John Hawkins | October 17, 2013 6:50 am

Should there be any limits on abortion? Should you be able to abort baby girls because you want a boy? Should partial birth abortions be legal? Should you be able to abort a baby five minutes before it’s born? Virginia governor candidate Terry McAuliffe says, “Yes.” He believes there should be no limits of any sort on abortion[1].

Terry McAuliffe[2]

McAuliffe pledged to be a “brick wall” on the issue of abortion, even refusing to support a common sense limit on abortions after the fifth to sixth month of pregnancy.

Woman #1: “So as governor, would you oppose any restrictions on my right to an abortion at any time?”

McAuliffe: “Yes.”

Woman #1: “No, Yes?”

McAuliffe: “I would support stopping any restrictions.”

And then to remove any doubt, he told another woman that as governor he would be a “brick wall” against even the most common ground limitations on abortion.

Woman #2: “Also, if any anti-choice Republicans were to introduce legislation preventing me from getting an abortion after 20 weeks would you oppose it? “

McAuliffe: “So you have a Constitutional right. This has been determined in our nation. It is a Constitutional right. It is. What I said here is that I will be a brick wall to stop any erosion of any
Constitutional right that any woman has in Virginia. I will be a brick wall.”

This isn’t advocating “safe, legal, and rare” abortion; it’s advocating as many abortions as possible, for any reason, under any circumstances. How can he think it’s okay for a 12 year old girl to have an abortion without informing her parents? How does Terry McAuliffe look at a beautiful, fully viable nine month old little girl who could survive just fine outside the womb and say she has no more of a right to life than some kind of a parasite?

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