Texas CUTS Funding To Sanctuary Cities, IMMEDIATELY Experiences MIC DROP Moment!

Texas CUTS Funding To Sanctuary Cities, IMMEDIATELY Experiences MIC DROP Moment!


Don’t mess with Texas, just don’t do it. Gov. Greg Abbott is no fool…and he just sent a shock wave reality check right through Travis County.

Travis County was warned. Multiple times and still chooses to harbor illegal aliens. This is something that is not okay in the Lone Star State of Texas…

So, the message was sent and received by Travis County when they learned that their funding had been CUT.

As soon as this action was taken…Abbott followed up with even more news. News of “stiffer penalties coming soon.”

This certainly was not news Travis County wanted to hear, but truth of the matter is, it’s law and order. If we are going to be in ANY sort of position to help others…we need to clean up our mess first.

But try telling a liberal that and you may just get the chance to witness what human combustion looks like in person.


The problem Texas has now is the fact that there are some law enforcement officials there that are very openly refusing to comply with the laws. They will not enforce it.

Abbott says “That is unacceptable.”

Now funding has been cut and next up… “stiffer penalties” coming out from the SB4. These new penalties authored by Senator Charles Perry who says:

“I am excited that Governor Abbott stood up for the rule of law by declaring the banning of Sanctuary Cities an emergency item during his State of the State Address,” Sen. Perry said in a written statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “Texans everywhere expect their elected officials to uphold the rule of law. We cannot allow local officials to implement dangerous policies that make it easier for individuals who commit serious crimes to be placed back into our communities.”

Thank you governor, disciplined leaders is what this country needs. Leaders who can make the hard decisions that need to be made and carried out.

It is a scary thing for many people who don’t understand that law and order are key to keeping the peace in the end.

Love thy neighbor, is still as true as time is old.

…however, Obama’s America has destroyed our capability to be any sort of help to others. We are in no place to take care of illegals, unless we want to throw Americans to the curb to do so.

Let’s make America great again, by doing so…America can then also be the great global leader she was meant to be and in doing so, finally be in a position to serve our neighbors without being forced to sacrifice our own.

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