Texas High School Teacher Says Whites Should Not Be Allowed to Talk About Ferguson, Says Go ‘Kill Yourselves’ (UPDATE: School Apologizes)

by Warner Todd Huston | November 9, 2014 11:28 am

An African American high school teacher in Duncanville, Texas had a message for you “dumb duck ass cracker” white people who want to talk about the problems in Ferguson. You should shut up. Oh, and she wants you to kindly “kill yourselves.”

Here is the Tweet that got everyone talking about her:

This is what taxpayer paid English 1 teacher Vinita L. Hegwood[1] has been saying on her Twitter accounts, anyway. The Tweet that got everyone’s attention was from her @duckseason6 Twitter account.

This morning, though. Ms. Hegwood deleted her account, but she still has some other social media accounts. (Here is her GooglePlus[2] account, for instance. She also has an Instagram account and other Twitter accounts).

Here is another of her wonderful Tweets, posted after she started getting some heat:

Apparently, this “teacher” is a big fan of marijuana, too. Imagine that.

**UPDATE** Monday Morning, Nov. 10

Duncanville High School has apologized for Vinita Hegwood’s actions and are saying that they will take action soon. The school sent notices out on its own social media using Twitter and Facebook. Below is a screen shot of the school’s Facebook posting.

  1. Vinita L. Hegwood: http://hegwood.dhs.duncanvilleisd.org/modules/tt/profile.phtml?profile_id=191800&sessionid=8e8b9a8225f3a22465684048e0e42b07
  2. GooglePlus: https://plus.google.com/115503054466619963797/posts

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