Texas’ Wendy Davis: Restricting Abortion is ‘Demonizing Women’

by Warner Todd Huston | July 6, 2013 1:00 pm

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis made a name for herself at the end of June by launching a filibuster on the floor of the state senate to stop new regulations on abortion in The Lone Star State, and now she is warning Governor Perry to “stop demonizing women” by pursuing such restrictions.

The bill Perry supports would place new requirements of cleanliness and safety on Texas abortion mills, rules that opponents of the bill say would shut down many abortionists. This, Davis claims is “demonizing women.”

On CNN with Wolf Blitzer Sen. Davis addressed[1] Governor Perry directly. “Gov. Perry…let’s stop demonizing women who face very difficult choices in their life. Let’s make sure that we don’t close down 37 of the 42 clinics in Texas and leave women with nowhere to go and put them in a situation where there health will be at risk,” she said.

With this, Davis characterizes a pro-life position simply as a way to “demonize women,” as opposed to a principled desire to protect life.

It seems clear that Senator Davis is using the notoriety at least a little in a self-serving way. She intends this filibuster incident to be the first step in a campaign for higher office. After demurring to say so directly in other venues, on June 28 Davis told[2] MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, “I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t had the aspirations to run for a state-wide office.”

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