The Billboard That Steve Driehaus (D-Abortion) Doesn’t Want You To See

The Billboard That Steve Driehaus (D-Abortion) Doesn’t Want You To See

In what was one of the biggest sell-outs of recent memory, Bart Stupak’s pro-life faction in the Democratic Party signed on to a bill that federally funds abortions. Stupak himself had previously admitted that’s what it did, but of course, he changed his tune after he tossed millions of babies into an abattoir to please Obama and Pelosi. And when he did it, Steve Driehaus was right there with him.

Well, the pro-life women at the Susan B. Anthony List want to make sure the voters in Steve Driehaus’s district know how he betrayed pro-life voters.

Naturally, Steve Driehaus doesn’t much care for that idea. So, he has filed a complaint with the Ohio Election Commission to try to keep these billboards from going up:

Steve Driehaus

Sadly for Driehaus and happily for people who don’t want to see as many abortions as humanly possible, the voters in his district haven’t taken kindly to his vote for Obamacare. Driehaus is down in the polls, the Democratic Party has pulled its advertising, and now he’s going to have to hope that the wave of support generated by his loyalty to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi pull him to victory.

In other words, welcome to the private sector, you double crossing rat.

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