Union Chief Claims He Witnessed ‘Racism’ At Tea Party…Yeah, Riiiiight

Not long ago Andrew Breitbart issued a challenge to the anti-tea party left to show proof that the “N” word was thrown at black members of Congress by Tea Party protesters in their walk to Congress just prior to their passage on Obamacare. In fact, Breitbart has offered $100,000 for video or audio proof of any racism during that incident. No one on the left has been able meet the challenge.

On the April 7, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka was giving a speech at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and in the audience was one Andrew Breitbart. During the question and answer phase of Trumka’s appearance, Breitbart asked the Union Chief about the supposed racism of the Tea Party movement and asked if he, Trumka, would denoucne the violence that union thugs perpetrated against Tea Party folks at the event in Searchlight, Nevada.

In answer to Breitbart’s charges of union thuggery, Trumka claimed that he was a witness to the “N” word being cast toward black members of Congress during the Democrat’s solidarity walk previous to their vote on Obamacare. “I watched them spit at people, I watched them call John Lewis the n-word,” he said. “I witnessed it. I saw it in person. That’s real evidence.”

Uh, no, that is hearsay, not evidence. And biased hearsay at that.

Here is that exchange:

There is little doubt that Trumka is simply lying here. There is no way that any Tea Party protester yelled the “N” word at any member of Congress on the day Trumka claims it happened. We know this because those members of Congress had several folks with cell phones taking video of the crowd during their walk and NO video of audio evidence of this supposed racist epithet has come forward. If the “N” word really was yelled at members of Congress that day you can be 100% sure we’d have seen the video or heard the audio seconds after it was uttered.

But despite that the Democrats had people videoing their event, not one bit of evidence suggests that the wild claims by Democrats that they were verbally attacked by racist tea partiers actually happened.

The simple fact of the matter is that without any real proof, not just the partisan and likely untrue claims of Democrats, it is impossible to say that the “N” word was yelled at Democrats that day.

So, Trumka is simply a liar. That’s all there is to it.

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