Union Members Take Hostages, Destroy Property: But Remember, Tea Party is ‘Dangerous’

by Warner Todd Huston | September 12, 2011 9:48 am

After months of accusations that it is the Tea Party movement that is somehow “dangerous” to America, much of such rhetoric coming from union members and their supporters, we get union members of the Longshoremen storming the Port of Longview, Washington[1] taking hostages, destroying property, and generally acting like lawless thugs.

Imagine what the news would have been if it were people identifying themselves as Tea Partiers that attacked a place, took hostages, and went on a protracted campaign of property destruction. There would have been congressional resolutions denouncing the Tea Party, there would be wall-to-wall coverage and ultimately multiple investigations from every corner.

Yet, since it was union members involved, we get a few passing reports in the media and we all move on to the debut of the new NFL season.

Not only did we see this lawlessness and violence perpetrated by these union thugs, but they are warning that this is just the beginning. Again, imagine of it were Tea Partiers saying this!

These aren’t lone or unusual instances for unions. Unions have a more than 100-year history of violence and murders. A current union chief is even responsible for violent acts[2], yet makes millions a year as a union chief and is a close adviser to the President of the United States. Another is even allowed to open rallies for the President where he incites his listeners with violent rhetoric[3].

With all this violence and inciting of same from unionists, there is nothing even remotely similar among the Tea Partiers.

On a side note, it is a bit misleading for the media and the far left to keep calling out “the Tea Party” as if it is a single entity. Of course, there is a such a thing as “the union” when you are discussing stories like this. In this case it is the Longshoremen, in other cases it’s the AFL-CIO, or the Teamsters. These are particular organizations with real bosses to point to. But there is no such thing as “the Tea Party.”

Sure there are thousands of groups across the country calling themselves Tea Partiers, but there is no central organization, no single group under which they are organized. There just is no “the” in “the Tea Party.”

Anyway, the whole point here is that the unions are the violent ones here. But the Old Media does not focus on the danger that unions represent. They are too busy reporting on the fantasy promulgated by the far left and the Democrat Party that it is “the Tea Party” that is “dangerous.”

But, yeah, remember, it’s the Tea Partiers that are violent[4]…

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