Unionists Threaten CA Business Owner Over His Letter to the Editor

Apparently all one need do to cause Police and Firemen and their union supporters to violate their oath to protect the citizenry these days is to question their union. Union thugs in California proved that to be true in Napa Valley last week when a local business owner had the temerity to exercise his free political speech in a letter to the editor that was published by the St. Helena Star newspaper.

In the letter, Napa Valley Winery owner Dario Sattui of V. Sattui Winery made the mistake of “venting” about the overly generous union contracts that the public employees of his town had “negotiated” with compliant, left-wing politicians.

“I thought I was doing well in the wine business. Had I had any real brains I would have become a firefighter. What a racket they have. While I respect the work they do and the inherent dangers, they are greatly overpaid, work only two days a week (a third of which they sleep) and get to retire at 50 years old at 90 percent of their pay after working 30 years. I don’t blame the firefighters. Good for them for getting as much as they can. The blame goes to the politicians and the government administrators. What do they care? It isn’t their money.”

In response cops and firemen in California, or their supporters at the very least, let him know that they hoped his business would be destroyed both economically AND by fire. So much for these “public servants” and their oath to protect the public.

As Katy Grimes of the Cal Watchdog reports:

Of the more vicious comments left on online, Watch Sonoma County reported the comment, “I only hope that when your winery is burning down, no fire fighters come to help your business,” stated one post, submitted under the name of Emily Morena Orloff. “I hope your business rots in hell in this economy.”

A post submitted under the name of Brad Conners – vice president of the Santa Rosa Police Officers’ Association – featured a picture of Sattui along with the caption: “Our hero….should anyone get flagged down by him or see him choking in a restaurant.” The post and photo were removed Sunday evening.


Proof once again that public employee unions should be illegal because they are not only anathema to good government, it is apparent they foster a thug culture that is actually dangerous to public safety.

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