Unions Killing Chicago Convention Biz

by Warner Todd Huston | April 3, 2010 12:33 pm

The Chicago Tribune has an editorial[1] that shocks for the outrageousness that is the corruption and overcharging that unions have forced upon the convention business at Chicago’s McCormick Place. It is so bad, the costs are so outrageously higher in Chicago, that conventions are fleeing the city in droves (as we’ve discussed here several times).

But even though we understand as a matter of course that unions are bad for everyone, it is still shocking to see just how bad they are in Chicago. In fact, the Trib notes that convention organizers are charged fully 40% more in Chicago than they are anywhere else. Yes, it’s almost half again as much to put on a convention in Chicago than anywhere else in the nation. Even left-wing infused San Francisco costs less to set up conventions!

Here are some of the stats that the Trib reported:

Seriously? It is cheaper to fly 100 workers to Orlando, pay them, AND feed and house them in Orlando than it is to use their services right here in Chicago? That is simply unbelievable. On second thought, maybe it isn’t so hard to believe. It IS Chicago we are talking about. We have Richard “King” Daley the King of graft, the mob running just about everything, and Democrat political corruption vacuuming up everything that’s left.

Were I a convention planner I think Florida would sound good to me, as well.

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