University of New Hampshire Tries to Ban the Word ‘American’ Because America is Bad

Once again we see that if you parents are spending tens of thousands sending your kids to our fetid colleges and universities, you are paying to have them indoctrinated in anti-Americanism. This time the University of New Hampshire is trying to ban the word “American” because, they claim, it is a “trigger word” and “American” is hate speech.

A “Bias-Free Language Guide” forced on students at UNH says that they should never use the word “American” because America is very, very bad.

“American,” “illegal alien,” “foreigners,” “mothering,” and “fathering” are just a handful of words deemed “problematic” by the University of New Hampshire’s Bias-Free Language Guide.

According to the university’s website, the guide “is meant to invite inclusive excellence in [the] campus community.”

The guide defines words such as “homosexual” as “problematic,” offering “Same Gender Loving” as a more inclusive substitute. Similarly, a lack of gender-neutral bathrooms is, according to the university, “ciscentrism.”

The university defines “ciscentrism” as “[a] pervasive and institutionalized system that places transgender people in the ‘other’ category and treats their needs and identities as less important than those of cisgender people.”

“Ciscentrism,” according to the university, “includes the lack of gender-neutral restrooms, locker rooms, and residences.”

Saying “American” to reference Americans is also problematic. The guide encourages the use of the more inclusive substitutes “U.S. citizen” or “Resident of the U.S.”

The guide also tries to get students to stop saying “Caucasian,” “illegal Immigrant,” “mother,” “father” and even the word “healthy” is said to shame those who aren’t healthy.

Since the story ran, UNH President Mark Huddleston is suddenly claiming that he opposes the “Bias-Free Language Guide” and is “troubled” by the things in it. But this guide has been around for some time and this president never said a word about it until the news went across the nation the UNH was trying to ban the word “American.”

Sounds like he is just trying to cover, to me. He HAD to have known all this was in the school’s “language” guide.

Warner Todd Huston

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