Van Hollen Unintentionally Highlights What Democrats Really Want

What do Democrats really want? Ask Chris Van Hollen

(The Hill) House Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) last week criticized Republicans for pushing for further cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 2012 spending bill, and said those cuts seriously undermine what he said is the government’s role in providing clean air and water.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Americans across the political spectrum want clean air and clean water, and they are depending on their government to provide it to them,” Van Hollen said. “While some in other party might think this is good politics, it is terrible policy for the American people,” he said of the spending cuts.

Said cuts are minimal in reality

Under the 2012 spending bill, H.R. 2055, the total EPA budget is $8.4 billion, $233 million less than fiscal year 2011 levels. The GOP notes that EPA funding was cut $1.8 billion in calendar year 2011.

It’s not about clean air, water, and land, which are noble causes. The creation of the EPA was, in my mind, a good idea. Unfortunately, they have had massive mission creep, they invent regulations and issues, they are unresponsive when it comes to their economy destroying self created regulations, and, really, they need to learn to live within their means, just like the rest of us. Perhaps we could cut the pay of all the EPA employees to pay for the cuts.

But, really, Van Hollen has highlighted what the Lefty Statists really want: the American People dependent on The Government, they want the people to look towards the government for everything. This gives more power to the government and to the people who work for it. No longer would the government be responsible to the people, but, in charge of the people, rather like kindergarten teachers.

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