Van Tran Provides The Best Campaign Mailer Ever!

by William Teach | October 27, 2010 9:37 am

Brilliant, simply brilliant. And funny

Hold your nose[1]. If you thought politics stunk before, wait until you get a whiff of an attack ad making the rounds in central Orange County.

It’s a scratch-and-sniff shot at Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, D-Santa Ana. “Something smells rotten about Loretta,” the ad declares, inviting readers to scratch a scented patch and smell for themselves.

“It’s the stench of Washington.”

Actually, it’s supposed to smell like trash, said George Andrews, the campaign manager for Republican candidate Van Tran, who put out the mailer. Campaign company Axiom Strategies created the funky flier, which the Tran campaign has sent to likely voters in central Orange County’s 47th Congressional District.

As you can expect, the Sanchez campaign was not amused. The phrase “barking moonbat” comes to mind. Obviously, those “darned Vietnamese[2]” trying steal her seat are at it again.

The race is a tie, with both at 39% as of the latest poll[3], but, like in so many races, the enthusiasm to vote for Tran is much higher than for Sanchez. Five Thirty Eight[4] is calling this one for Sanchez, yet, I believe he Nate will be very surprised come November 3rd. All you folks in Ca-47, make sure you get out and vote for Van Tran[5]!

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