VIDEO: Former White House Space Agency Advisor: Climate Change ‘Greatest Scientific Fraud in History’

A former White House advisor has taken the brave step of coming forward to affirm that global warming–of as they are calling it this month, “climate change”–is the “greatest scientific fraud in history.”

The man saying this is John Casey, a former White House space program advisor and current president of the Space and Science Research Corporation.

Casey told Newsmax TV‘s J. D. Hayworth and Francesca Page on Wednesday that despite all of the money and effort to make the greenhouse gas theory valid, the United Nation’s climate models have been a “miserable failure.”

Casey, the author of “Dark Winter: How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell,” contends that significant change in temperature is caused by changes in the activity of the sun, not by mankind.

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He finds it hard to believe “why so many people believe in a theory that has been proven to be so unreliable versus models that are very reliable,” while saying that the models he uses, which rely on solar cycles, are over 90 percent accurate.

Get ready for the left to attempt to destroy this guy in 3… 2… 1…

Warner Todd Huston

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