Video: ‘Starting From Zero’

by Ed Driscoll | March 12, 2011 3:41 am

To officially kick off our ninth year of blogging over at Ed[1], here’s our latest Silicon Graffiti video, the first of a two part series, in which we look at several attempts by the left to, as Tom Wolfe would say, “Start from Zero,”[2] and hit the CTL-ALT-DLT keys on western civilization. We’ll explore:

Click here to watch:

And tune in next week, when we go Forward into the past, and watch the left punitively decide that if they can’t get mankind to start from zero, they can take things away for the common good, to paraphrase Hillary, and return us, piecemeal to zero.

In the meantime, click here[10] for 60 or earlier editions of Silicon Graffiti; A handy portable YouTube version of the above video is also available[11] at, not surprisingly, YouTube.

And thank you for stopping by over the last nine years!

(Originally posted at Ed[12])

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