Walmart Employee Refuses to Process Photo of Couple Holding a Gun

by Warner Todd Huston | January 10, 2015 1:08 pm

A couple who asked a Walmart photo processor to process the film of their engagement photos was shocked to find that a Walmart employee wouldn’t process one of the photos because there was a shotgun in it.

Even stranger, the gun in the photo[1] is one that Walmart itself sells!

Stephanie Wehner and her husband-to-be Mitch Strobl posed for a series of engagement photos, including one that reportedly showed Strobl slinging a 12-gauge Ruger Red Label over-and-under shotgun over this shoulder. But when they went to Walmart to retrieve their 13 photos, they only got 12 back – and a note that read “MINUS ONE 5×7. NO WEAPONS,” reports the Daily Mail.

A Walmart employee reportedly explained to the couple that she felt the photo promoted “gang violence,” something that is against “store policy,” and that she was sorry, but she wouldn’t process it.

For its part, Walmart issued a statement that said the employee was wrong and that the company would have no problem developing the photo.

  1. the gun in the photo:

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