Watch: Donald Trump Just Demolished Hillary In 15 Seconds: ‘It Does Matter’ [Video]

Watch: Donald Trump Just Demolished Hillary In 15 Seconds: ‘It Does Matter’ [Video]

This is freaking brilliant! Another killer 15 second ad from Trump that is just devastating. It’s elegant in its simplicity. Hillary has skated on all three scandals: Whitewater, Benghazi and now, the email scandal. Although that last one seems to be growing legs and at the very least, may take her down politically. Trump’s ad nails her on all three. And notice that Trump is doing his ads on social media not TV. He reaches far more people, especially the young and disaffected, and doesn’t have to pay big bucks. His grasp of marketing is impressive. Clinton must have crapped all over herself when she saw this ad – especially now that it has gone viral. But really, what does it matter?

Deleter of the Free World

From Western Journalism:

For all the intraparty squabbling between Donald Trump and some of his fellow Republican presidential candidates, the brash billionaire took on Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton in a short campaign ad he uploaded to Instagram Tuesday.

Following images depicting three major scandals – Benghazi, Whitewater and her private email server – that still plague her candidacy, the clip shows Clinton asking, “What does it matter?”

In three words, Trump’s campaign summed up what many Clinton detractors feel.

“It does matter,” a caption reads.

The ad ends with her infamous dismissal of those investigating the 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans dead.

“What difference at this point does it make?” she wondered.

“Make a difference,” another caption urges viewers before closing with Trump’s campaign message:

Trump: Make America Great Again!

Trump’s simple message resonated with many Americans, as evidenced in the comments section of a relevant article published by The Right Scoop.

“Very clever,” one fan wrote, adding that “nothing hurts more than having your own words used against you.”

Another called the ad “excellent,” noting that he predicted the final Clinton quote used “would come back to haunt her.”

Clinton is damaged goods. She’s arrogantly flaunted her whole career that anyone who is not in her pocket, doesn’t matter. After years and decades of us being told that we don’t matter, she shouldn’t really be surprised that we don’t care. She has callously let the innocent die – she has left our warriors to die at the hands of barbarians – and she smiles and preens for the cameras, saying it’s her turn to be president. No, it’s not. America doesn’t need another Marxist traitor in the White House. She should be wearing an orange pant suit and serving time for her deeds. Yes, Hillary, it does matter. Not only to Trump, but to all Americans.

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