Weiner Still Has Friends Among Liberals

by Dave Blount | June 13, 2011 1:21 pm

It may be hypocritical for Democrats to tolerate the presence of Anthony Weiner following Nancy Pelosi’s high-toned rhetoric about “draining the swamp,” but it’s more hypocritical still for them to condemn him. Weiner behaved disgustingly, betrayed his wife’s trust, irresponsibly compromised his position of power in a way that opened him up to blackmail, and then looked us straight in the face and told brazen lies. Bill Clinton did all of these things, but rather than content himself with sending sleazy photos over the Internet, he actually had sex with a woman young enough to be his daughter right in the Oval Office. Yet even afterward, Clinton is rivaled only by Barack Hussein Obama for popularity among Democrats. If he could run again, his support from Dems would be overwhelming and enthusiastic.

Democrats are appalled not by Weiner’s vile behavior, but by how it will play among independent voters with standards of decency. Bill Clinton’s legacy was officially establishing that Democrats themselves have no standard of decency.

The less two-faced Dems are standing by Weiner, refusing to pretend that their party represents anything other than degeneracy, irresponsibility, arrogance, dishonesty, coercion, theft, treason, and abortion. Here’s to you Chris Matthews[1], whose only problem with the Weiner fiasco is that

“People in the rural areas of this country who are Christian conservative culturally — you can say backward if you want … don’t like this kind of stuff.”

Kudos to Alec Baldwin[2], who absolves Weiner with a restatement of the liberal moral creed — “everybody does it”:

“Weiner is a modern human being. So he ensnared himself in things that modern humans do.”

Hats off to Janeane Garofalo[3], who responds to Weiner’s antics by screeching:

“Anthony Weiner deserves to be supported and hopefully he will be mayor of New York one day.”

Echoing Baldwin and every Democrat who could get near a microphone during the Lewinsky scandal, she adds,

“Everyone lies about sex.”

That itself is a lie, but at least Garofalo and the others are honest enough not to pretend to be anything better than what they have chosen to be — Anthony Weiner’s peers.

The definitive Democrat defiles a flag pin.

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