What Does It Cost To Eat With Barry?

by William Teach | October 16, 2009 8:01 am

It turns out, quite a bit. After Obama’s quick, 4 hour tour of New Orleans[1], which angered many residents and supporters for its briefness and for waiting 9 months since he was coronated, as well as angering residents of the other states affected by Katrina, Dear Leader took to the air, spewing massive amounts of CO2 to fly to San Francisco for a fundraiser of epic proportions (since he made an official stop in New Orleans, he is off the hook for using Air Force 1 for fundraising business, according to the rules)

Didja ever hold one of these $10G notes in your hands Well, it took (three of these) bills….[2]

….plus four $100 Benjamin Franklins for a couple to have dinner with Barack Obama Thursday night in San Francisco’s Westin Hotel. And hundreds of northern Californians lined up to do so. It better be an abundant shrimp cocktail for that price.

This is a newish administration that so quickly denounces the egregious excesses and appalling financial greed of corporate America. And was someone recently saying the country faces one of the most serious economic eras since back before even Joe Biden was born?

Cutting back is for thee, not Obama and the Dems. And, they will make sure you cut back, as they raise your taxes.

Apparently not these San Francisco Democrats, who also got to hear Speaker Nancy Pelosi, well, speak. (VP Biden, by the bye, is in Nevada Friday doing the same campaign/money thing[3] for happy Harry Reid, the embattled Democrat Senate Majority Leader.)

So, all these problems going on, and the Democrat leadership is continuing the Neverending Campaign.

The speaker told the crowd that the major issue at hand is healthcare reform. But she said the reforms were not really “about the details of the policy, it was about something bigger. It was about our moral responsibility…social responsibility and the character of our country.’’

Something bigger like Single Payer. She has put to lie the talking point that this is about helping people.

Obama returned Pelosi’s praise: “Having now known Nancy, I can tell you that, day in and day out, she faces down some of the toughest problems…and she doesn’t break a sweat. And she is willing to stare folks down and tell them how things are going to be.

In other words, Obama’s concept of bipartisanship and changing the way Washington does business (hey, maybe he meant the State of Washington?) was just another of his typical campaign lies. Not that we already didn’t know he is a serial liar.

Anyhow, the night raised a cool $3 million from all those big, mean, evil rich people the Democrats like to demonize so much.

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