What Guns Were Made For: Homeowner in Philly Attacked By Mob

A homeowner in Philly was attacked by a mob of racist black “youths” that broke into his home apparently looking to kill white people. This is exactly the situation that the Second Amendment was made for.

The Philly Inquirer reports that “dozens of youths” marauded into a sleepy Philly neighborhood to find white teens to beat up or kill reportedly because an African-American was attacked on a playground nearby.

Don’t you love how the newspaper reports the makeup of the crowd? It’s just “dozens of youths” instead of what it really was, an army of black criminals intent on mayhem and murder. Police even said that it wasn’t just “youths,” either, but people into the thirties at least.

Mark LaVelle was standing outside near his home when two 13 or 14-year-old white boys ran up to him fearful that the mob would come after them. Once the crowd saw LaVelle with the two boys, they did, indeed, turn their attention to the three.

LaVelle ran inside his home with the boys then stepped outside to try and calm the crowd, but to no avail. He retreated back into his house where his wife and twin 13-month-old boys ran to safety in the upper reaches of the house. Also in the home were LaVelle’s other sons and a nephew.

Screaming, “We got you, you white mother——-!,” the band of criminals then broke into LaVelle’s home and started beating him with pipes and bats. One criminal had a gun but LaVelle was able to wrestle the gunman’s arm so that he could not raise it to fire.

Police sirens caused the crowd to disperse and LaVelle’s descriptions helped police find and arrest three attackers, the gunman — 32-year-old Enrique Delgado — was one of those arrested.

Naturally, the mother of one of these scumbags immediately began a race-baiting attack on the LaVelle’s after her precious, gangbanging, little monster was arrested. She has threatened violence against the LaVelle family if her son ends up jailed for his criminal offense.

If this homeowner had his Second Amendment rights protected in Philadelphia he would have been perfectly justified in shooting at these criminal, racist, home invaders. He would have been 100% justified in killing every last one of these thugs.

But even that aside this is clearly a “hate crime” as defined by the left’s criteria of an event driven by racism. These inhuman monsters intended to find white people to maim or kill and the LaVelle family was unfortunate enough to have been in the path of this racist mob of murderer wannabes.

How much do you want to bet Philly authorities suddenly forget that “hate crimes” exist as they let these cretins go free, eh?

Of course the Philly police won’t charge these racists with a “hate crime.” After all, the victims were white.

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