What Would Really Happen If The Homeland Security Department Was Shut Down? It Turns Out Conservatives Are Right About It, Little Would Change

It will fall on deaf ears, but I would remind the fascist Democrats (and some RINOs) that prior to 2001, we didn’t have a Department of Homeland Security and we functioned better than we do now in my opinion. DHS is a massive bureaucratic nightmare that does little for our actual security, but lines the pockets of corrupt politicos and agencies very nicely. No wonder those such as Sen. Barbara Mikulski of Maryland are screaming like Chicken Little that the sky is falling… shutting down DHS will hurt her bottom line in a myriad of ways and we just can’t have that, now can we? This is the worst kind of extortion: Either fund illegal and unconstitutional Amnesty, or the US will get hit with a major terrorist attack (they hope). Just who are the terrorists here, anyway?

President Barack Obama waves after delivering remarks at the Department of Homeland Security
on his FY2016 budget proposal, on Monday, Feb. 2, 2015, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

From TheBlaze:

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Spending for the Department of Homeland Security hangs in the balance as Congress fights over immigration matters in the agency’s annual funding bill.

Republicans are trying to defund President Barack Obama’s immigration executive orders with the funding bill, and Democrats have repeatedly blocked the bill, despite majority support for it.

Without action by Feb. 27, the department’s budget will shut off — and that won’t be the end of the world.

To hear Democrats and many Republicans tell it, the result would be unacceptable risks to U.S. security at a time of grave threats worldwide.

In reality, though, most people will see little change if the department’s money flow is halted, and some of the warnings of doom are as exaggerated as they are striking.


In the view of some House conservatives, though, shutting off the agency’s $40 billion budget for a time “is obviously not the end of the world,” as Rep. Matt Salmon, R-Ariz., put it, because many agency employees would stay at work through a shutdown.


Salmon and a few other conservatives are the only ones saying it publicly so far, but the reality is that a department shutdown would have a very limited impact on national security.

That’s because most department employees fall into exempted categories of workers who stay on the job in a shutdown because they perform work considered necessary to protect human life and property. Even in a shutdown, most workers across agencies, including the Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency and Customs and Border Protection, would continue to report to work.

Airport security checkpoints would remain staffed, the Secret Service would continue to protect the president and other dignitaries, the Coast Guard would stay on patrol, immigration agents would still be on the job.

Indeed, of the agency’s approximately 230,000 employees, some 200,000 of them would keep working even if Congress fails to fund their agency. It’s a reality that was on display during the 16-day government-wide shutdown in the fall of 2013, when national parks and monuments closed but essential government functions kept running, albeit sometimes on reduced staff.


But if the department loses its money, the Coast Guard will stay in operation and so will the ports.

There would be one big change, though. Most workers would not get paid until the shutdown ends, a circumstance guaranteed to put pressure on members of Congress hearing from constituents angry about going without their paychecks.

One exception: Workers at agencies funded by fees, instead of by congressional appropriations, would continue their functions while still drawing a paycheck.

It so happens that applies to the very employees charged with putting in place the immigration programs at the heart of the political dispute.


So who would stop working in a shutdown? Mostly administrative staff, including support workers at headquarters and personnel who do training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, employees involved in research and development, and those responsible for operating and maintaining the E-Verify system that allows businesses to check the immigration status of new hires.

In addition, all personnel involved in administering grants would be furloughed, including Federal Emergency Management Agency workers who make grants to state and local governments, fire departments, and others to help them prepare for or respond to various threats and emergencies. That has led to pleas to Congress from the mayors, among others, to keep Homeland Security Department funding going.

I say go for it conservatives – let them shut DHS down. I’ll bet very few will miss it at all except those who work for the beast. Those in Congress that are true conservatives need to grow a spine and play hardball. Don’t let this panicky rhetoric get you to back down. That is what it is intended to do. The US faces grave threats here and abroad every day and DHS won’t change that one bit. Shut DHS down – the world and the US won’t end – not yet, any way.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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