Wisc. Union Thug: ‘First They Take Away Unions, Then They Take Away The Jews…’??? Unions Want Legalized Theft, Plain and Simple

-By Warner Todd Huston

Every so-called teacher in Wisconsin needs to be removed from the classroom and should not be allowed to return until she can prove that she’s become educated enough to understand that no politician in Wisconsin is “just like Hitler.”

These thugs latest claim is that “it’s not about the money” but the facts speak pretty clearly that it is all about the money. The union thugs want more of yours, Wisconsin, and your Republican legislators are telling them that the wallet is empty.

This has become ground zero for the fight against the thievery that public employee unions have perpetrated against the people for 50 years. This is day one in the fight to end the abuse.

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… and make no mistake about it, folks. The unions are in a war against YOU, the taxpayer. They think YOU are the enemy. YOU are their target. YOU are their sugar daddy. Tell them you’ve had enough of their abuse.

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