A Trump Divorce: Pro-Trump Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders is Dumped by Democrat Husband

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 29, 2017 11:45 am

Tis the season[1] for political divorce. First it was Anthony Scaramucci’s wife and now this. A former NFL cheerleader named Lynn Aronberg is splitting from her state attorney husband Dave Aronberg, citing political differences. It is being labeled as the “Trump Divorce” by Lynn’s PR firm. The husband is a Democrat and Lynn is a died-in-the-wool Republican who is also a supporter of President Trump.

The former cheerleader has parlayed her stint with the Dolphins into a growing and successful position with a high-level PR firm. She will receive about $100,000 worth of benefits in the divorce, with ex-hubby paying half her condo rent until next summer. She also gets a brand new BMW and $40,000 in cash. I assume the unusual press release was from her own PR firm. Lynn says she has no idea how the financial details got included by TransMedia Group since they are confidential. Right. “Whatever’s been put out there, I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it,” Lynn Aronberg told The Palm Beach Post on Thursday.


From PalmBeachPost.com:

A former NFL cheerleader’s split from her state attorney husband is described as the “Trump Divorce,” according to an unusual press release from the woman’s PR firm.

The release notes that Dave Aronberg, the state attorney for Palm Beach County in Florida, is a Democrat, and describes his wife, Lynn Aronberg, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, as “a staunch Republican and supporter of President Donald Trump” who “said she felt increasingly isolated in the marriage.”

The statement, released Thursday, describes the split as the “Trump Divorce” and also cites personal and financial details of the divorce settlement.

The statement notes that, “according to a source familiar with the negotiations, the former Lynn Lewis, who spun her old Dolphins gig into a successful PR firm, is receiving about $100,000 worth of benefits in exchange for her signature on the dotted line. The deal calls for Aronberg, 46, to pay for half of Lynn’s rent in a luxury condo in tony Boca Raton until next summer. She’s also reportedly getting a brand new BMW and $40,000 cash.”

Adrienne Mazzone, president of TransMedia, stated that her client announced the divorce settlement to satisfy a curious public. I doubt that. It’s much more likely a publicity stunt and to keep ex-hubby in line legally. “Lynn is certainly a media maven,” Mazzone said. “The public has been asking a lot of questions, and we’re simply accommodating that.” Lynn is an executive vice president of the PR firm. She recently returned to the firm where she worked “before launching her own PR firm, Lynn Aronberg Public Relations, which she will maintain to serve a select group of private clients.”

Of course, the couple claims they will remain friends. Easier said than done. Her ex, Dave Aronberg, is considering a run for the U.S. House of Representatives. Another reason for the divorce is Dave could not get her preggers evidently. Lynn Aronberg considered at one point going into the GOP legal ranks for help with the divorce, according to the statement. “When the divorce seemed to be stalling last month, Lynn started interviewing nationally famous divorce lawyers and one, Larry Klayman, the right wing founder of Freedom Watch and Judicial Watch, was ready to pounce until the former lovebirds settled,” the statement reads. Ah… life as reality TV.


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