ALERT: Democrats’ Shameful Stunt to Embarrass Trump Tonight REVEALED

ALERT: Democrats’ Shameful Stunt to Embarrass Trump Tonight REVEALED

This last weekend, I stated that the election of Thomas Perez as Chairman of the DNC and Keith Ellison as Deputy Chair, was the official beginning of an all out war between President Trump and the leftist Democrats. Trump is addressing the American people tonight and the Democrats’ nifty little plans have been revealed. They are planning on bringing illegal immigrants and refugees to the address to embarrass President Trump. It is a shameful stunt and it will fail. Trump is not bothered by this kind of crap… in fact, he eats it up. It invigorates him. I would also not be surprised if they make a scene over Obamacare like they have across the country in choreographed protests.

This move is to thwart President Trump’s efforts to implement an executive order that mandates extreme vetting on refugees coming in from the Middle East to ensure there are no Jihadists among their numbers and to keep America safe. Both Perez and Ellison will be there to egg Democrats on in opposing Trump and making a scene. Per CNN, a statement from Congressional Hispanic Caucus Chairwoman Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Monday said 10 of the caucus’ members, including Rep. Nydia Velazquez, a Democrat from New York and a stone cold Marxist, invited people who had been or could be personally affected by Trump’s policies. The statement said that among them were two children of recently deported immigrants and a green card holder from Sudan, one of the countries covered by Trump’s travel restrictions. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (another Marxist), an Illinois Democrat and member of the caucus, said his guest would be an immigration attorney who is the daughter of Palestinian refugees. He pledged not to praise a single one of Trump’s comments.


From CNN:

Multiple Democratic members of Congress have announced their intentions to bring immigrants with them to President Donald Trump’s speech on Tuesday. The State of the Union-style speech from Trump will be his first joint congressional address, and follows a campaign during which he railed against undocumented immigrants [you mean, illegal aliens] from Mexico and his administration’s more recent moves to step up deportations.

Members of Congress, as well as the President, often invite particular guests to these speeches either to make a political statement or recognize their constituents. But with the outpouring of anger from the Democratic side over Trump’s rhetoric and policies, immigrants and Muslim-Americans will make a statement through their presence in the House chamber as Trump attempts to rally lawmakers around his agenda.

Rep. Nydia Velazquez, a Democrat from New York, announced Monday that she had invited Hameed Darweesh to the event. Darweesh is an immigrant from Iraq who was detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York in early January because of Trump’s executive order suspending the refugee program and temporarily restricting travel from seven Muslim-majority countries. He assisted US forces in Iraq and relocated to the US on a special immigrant visa with his family just as Trump was beginning his presidency.

The green card issue has been cleared up and is not even relevant. The Democrats always choose the wrong side… the evil side. You don’t see them standing with the families where criminal illegal aliens have killed their loved ones. You don’t see them standing with police or the military. No. They choose criminals, illegal aliens and terrorists to champion. What does that say about Democrats in general? And the fact that they continually use children as props is heinous.

Tonight will be Marxist theater for the Democrats. And I hope that if they are disrespectful to the President, that he has security remove them forcefully. These people act like they are standing for a noble cause, when in fact they are standing for those that break our laws, kill other Americans and wish to destroy our country. You are who you associate with and I think that clearly shows who the Democrats have become.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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