ALERT: Violent Anti-Trump Rioters Clash With Police [VIDEO]

ALERT: Violent Anti-Trump Rioters Clash With Police [VIDEO]

Talk about monstrous hypocrites… they were on display all across the nation yesterday as thousands participated in ‘Not My Presidents’ Day’ rallies against Trump. There were violent clashes with the police before the really big rally took place in Portland, Oregon. Thirteen were arrested – seven adults and six juveniles. Police stepped in and did what they had to do and of course the left grabbed a pic of an elderly woman who was being violent and got pushed to the ground, giving her a bloody nose, and claimed that the police were being too rough on people. No, if anything… I don’t think they were forceful enough.

Protesters even harassed President Trump on his way to the airport in Florida. These people take the cake… they had people dressed up as the Founding Fathers, trying to mimic the Tea Party. They held up flags and copies of the Constitution, like anyone believes that for a second. What was truly disgusting was the way they used their children in these protests. They are indoctrinating their kids with hate and I consider that child abuse. The people that were arrested were blocking traffic and that is breaking the law. They asked for a dance with the police and they granted their wish. No sympathy here.


From the Daily Mail:

Thirteen people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, after a small group protesting President Donald Trump clashed with the police.

The demonstrators, who did not have a permit, spilled out onto the streets outside the Federal Building and failed to heed the warnings of police in tactical gear.

The protest was just one of several held across the country as part of the ‘not my Presidents’ Day’ rallies against Trump.

Planned marches took place in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago and Salt Lake City to mark President’s Day while unofficial demonstrations with the same theme cropped up elsewhere.

Protesters even greeted the president on the route from his Mar-a-Lago home to Palm Beach Airport where he boarded Air Force One to return to Washington DC in the afternoon.

Police warned demonstrators in Portland on Monday morning about blocking the roads near the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building at around 11am.

‘Officers on bicycles and on foot attempted to maintain order but required assistance from Rapid Response Team officers,’ according to a statement issued by the police.

Law enforcement used pepper spray and ‘less-than-lethal munitions’ in clashes with the protesters.

In New York, 15,000 people RSVPed to the event on Facebook. Police couldn’t confirm whether any arrests had been made on Monday afternoon, but the demonstration is thought to have been peaceful. Another way to look at this is inciting revolution, which is not so peaceful if you ask me. The overall theme of these protests was ‘resist!’ One of the biggest grievances for these protesters in these states is that President Trump is going to cut off funding to sanctuary cities. In Los Angeles, they are calling for impeachment of Trump because he is Islamophobic and unethical. CAIR, is that you? In downtown Chicago, about 1,200 people gathered across the Chicago River from the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

Who knew there were this many unhinged Americans? Seems almost contagious and definitely needs containment. In New York, protesters stretching at least eight blocks chanted: “He cheats, he lies, open up your eyes” near the Trump International Hotel on the edge of Central Park. “I think he’s got a mean personality,” said marcher Edith Cresmer, a 78 year-old urban planner. “But the worst thing about him is how he incited peoples’ fears and pits them against each other.” You mean because he wants to follow the rule of law, make us sovereign again, bring back jobs and vet refugees to ensure we aren’t letting in terrorists? These people are freaks and morons. Many are criminals and radicals. And they will keep this up for the next four to eight years… things are going to get ugly in our streets at this rate.
















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