American Soldier’s Headgear Falls Off, Trump Picks It Up TWICE [VIDEO]

American Soldier’s Headgear Falls Off, Trump Picks It Up TWICE [VIDEO]

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a President do something like this since Ronald Reagan. I’m not kidding… maybe President Bush, who loved the military with all his heart, but certainly not Barack Obama. As President Trump returned to Washington, DC after the G-20 Summit, he was getting ready to board Marine One. He noticed that the wind had blown off the Dress Blues headgear of the Marine standing at attention and picked it up and put it back on his head. The wind immediately blew it off again. The President went and retrieved it once more. An Air Force officer that was accompanying the President then gave it back to the Marine a second time. It’s the little things that speak volumes.

One thing’s for sure… that Marine needs a better fitting hat. The other Marine there didn’t lose his in the downdraft from the blades of the helicopter. I will give him this… he stood his post just as he was supposed to do. President Trump typically salutes the military when he encounters them. He has a deep love and respect for our soldiers. Retrieving a hat for this Marine, not once, but twice, shows that clearly.

From the Independent Journal Review:

After President Trump returned from the G-20 Summit, he was about to board Marine One when the wind knocked the headgear from one of the Marines standing post.

Seeing the Dress Blues cover on the ground, Trump bent down to pick it up and placed it back on the head of the Marine. Before he was able to fully put it back on, it blew off again and without hesitation, Trump went after it a second time.

An Air Force officer at the president’s side then took the headgear from him and placed it back on the Marine.

The First Family has had a lot of interaction with the Marines attached to Marine One. In one of their first outings, Trump and Ivanka boarded Marine One to greet the body of fallen Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens. Barron has taken pics of the Marines as he was exiting Marine One as well. The entire family speaks with the soldiers and shows how much they care for them. It’s a stark contrast with the Obamas.

Of course, the media is now calling President Trump Hat-catcher in chief. Way to take a heart warming moment and make fun of it. The Marines that fly, operate, maintain and secure the presidential helicopter known as “Marine One” when the President is on board is a group of about 800 Marines known as Marine Helicopter Squadron 1, or HMX-1. And they love and respect the Commander-in-Chief right back.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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