Americans Calling Last Debate A Long Awaited “Fair Fight”, Believe They Know Who Won

Americans Calling Last Debate A Long Awaited “Fair Fight”, Believe They Know Who Won

Finally, a debate on the issues… mostly. Chris Wallace was far and away the best and fairest moderator so far. He went after both sides equally and did what he was tasked to do… get to the issues and grill both candidates on them. There was less drama and soap opera in this debate. Donald Trump was the winner of the debate last night… not by a huge margin, but the round went to him. He seemed to keep his temper more in check and was less boorish.

Trump got in some good hits on Clinton last night and visibly shook her. It was her turn to lose her temper. He repeatedly nailed her on not accomplishing anything in thirty years. Something that is glaringly true. Unfortunately, I doubt that Trump appealed last night to Independents or third party people. Clinton probably swayed them more with her pandering. She’s so fake, it’s painful. What struck me were Clinton’s lies on the Second Amendment… she’s a stone cold communist and is deadly when it comes to our constitutional rights.


From Breitbart:

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each delivered impressive performances on Wednesday night, but the night belonged to the Republican challenger, who stuck to a repeated theme: that Clinton is to blame for the very problems she promises to fix.

Clinton’s lines were well-rehearsed, but blunted somewhat by the fact that many of them were old. On several occasions, she was forced to filibuster — such as when moderator Chris Wallace asked her to explain her dream of “open borders,” which she revealed to a Brazilian bank in one of the confidential speeches released recently by Wikileaks. (Clinton’s response was to claim, rather implausibly, that she was talking only about “energy,” and then to claim Trump was helping Russian hackers.)

Wallace, in an understated way, was the star of the night: he was the only fair-minded moderator of the entire presidential series, who posed tough questions to both candidates and scolded the audience when it favored one side or the other. He also pressed Clinton on her conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation, refusing to allow her to wriggle away from the question by talking about the good work her charity does. And he challenged some of Trump’s inaccurate past statements on Syria.

Trump missed a golden opportunity to eviscerate Clinton on Supreme Court nominees. He blew it there. Clinton screwed up on Putin, ranting on about him and giving the tyrant air time. All in all, it was fairly boring and not what I would call a good debate. One of those would not only include the issues, but solid verbal attacks and wit. Something sorely lacking in this election all the way around.

We are pretty much doomed on foreign policy either way here. Neither one of them seems to grasp what is going on or how to approach it. That’s a recipe for war. The same goes for the economy sadly. This whole election has been more of a reality TV stunt than about the country and what we face. And it’s been a bad one at that… it’s not even entertaining. At the end, Trump would not commit to accepting the results of the election. He’s playing to his base and ginning up anger. It doesn’t help that he has a point on it.

Overall, Americans give this one to Trump and called it a fair fight. Now, let’s see who they vote for.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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