America’s Mayor defends Trump for nasty thing he said about Obama

America’s Mayor defends Trump for nasty thing he said about Obama

Rudy Giuliani was quick to defend Donald Trump and his birther allegations towards Barack Obama. When Jake Tapper asked him if it was appropriate for Trump to apologize for making claims against Obama’s birth certificate, Giuliani said he didn’t need to apologize because he was trying to reach African-American voters. Uh yeah… fail.

Giuliani said that if politicians apologized for everything they said, that’s all they would do. No one is asking that everything Trump says be apologized for, just those things that aren’t true – which is a lot. Frankly, I think the whole birth certificate thing is a waste of time. It’s a red herring. But it worked for Trump before, so he keeps pushing it, which is a very bad move politically.

And… I’m sick of these politicians, celebrities and talking heads excusing everything that Trump does that is rude, untrue, offensive and outrageous. He’s now done so many vile things, there is not enough excuses or apologies out there that will ever remove the ‘thug taint’ from this guy.


From The Washington Examiner:

Donald Trump doesn’t need to apologize for claiming President Obama was born in Africa in order to reach African-American voters, Rudy Giuliani said Sunday.

“If everybody apologized for everything they said in politics, all we’d be doing on television shows is apologizing,” Giuliani said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Maybe the Democrats should be apologizing for calling Donald Trump a racist,” the former New York mayor and Trump supporter added.

Host Jake Tapper had asked Giuliani whether Trump ought to apologize for insisting Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., even after he released his birth certificate. Trump’s lately been reaching out to black voters, speaking Saturday at an African-American church in Detroit.

I also find it really offensive that Giuliani is using the black vote and outreach to them to promote birtherism. It’s pandering and insulting.

Giuliani said Trump is simply doing what many other Republicans won’t do: reaching out to minorities who typically vote for Democrats. “I think Donald Trump is the first Republican since Jack Kemp and me to go into African-American communities and say the Democrats have failed you,” Giuliani said. The Republicans always go to Kemp and Reagan rather than standing on their own merits. It’s predictable and pedantic.

Giuliani also addressed Trump’s Mexico visit. At least he admitted it was contentious and that they had disagreements. That’s more than most will say. He claims they did find common ground… we’ll see about that. Once again we see conflicting reports here. Giuliani says they discussed the wall; Trump had previously said they didn’t. The president of Mexico said he told Trump up front Mexico would not pay for it. I think Trump denied that as well. Both say they discussed trade and China. That much I believe.

“Mexico is suffering from the same trade deficit with China as we are,” Giuliani said. “We could join together in an alliance between the U.S. and Mexico and see if we could bolster ourselves in terms of our trade deficit.” I’m telling you right now that wall will never be built and Trump will negotiate with Mexico. His minions will fall in line and justify it. This is the new, same old crap as always.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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