Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance Rushing to Hospital

Anti-Trump Protesters Block Ambulance Rushing to Hospital

All I can say to this is the police in Connecticut should have acted faster and been a lot more forceful with this protester when he pulled this. At a protest this weekend in New Haven, Connecticut, around 5 pm, protesters filled Route 34, blocking traffic. This time, there was an ambulance with a critically ill person inside. They kept it from getting to the hospital and the EMTs had to perform life saving measures on the spot so they wouldn’t lose the patient. The primary instigator was one man who stood in front of the ambulance and would not move even when police asked him to. As they guided him away, he shoved police and charged back in front of the ambulance. Only then was he subdued and cuffed on the ground.

There were over 200 protesters in the road. The ones who immediately didn’t make way should all be arrested and God help them if that patient dies because of their actions. Police at the scene arrested at least three protesters, including Norman Clement, one of the organizers. Clement incurred several charges, including inciting a riot and disorderly conduct. I’m glad of that at least. But frankly, there should have been more arrests than that. These asshats are literally causing people to die and they don’t care.


From LifeZette:

Protesters decrying President Donald Trump’s two-week-old administration prevented an ambulance carrying a “critically ill” patient from getting to Yale-New Haven hospital during a protest Saturday in New Haven, Connecticut.

Roughly 200 demonstrators marched to Route 34 around 5 p.m. carrying a banner emblazoned with the words “No Ban No Wall New Haven,” they blocked traffic on the highway the ambulance was taking.

The protesters “obstructed an ambulance carrying a critically ill patient,” the state police report read, according to the New Haven Independent. “Due to this delay, ambulance personnel were required to perform an emergency medical procedure in the ambulance instead of at the hospital.”

One protester in particular who stood in the ambulance’s path refused to move when asked by police to do so.

“The officers tried to guide him out of the way. He pushed an officer trying to get back,” Shift Commander Lt. Sam Brown told the Independent, noting that the man was brought to the ground and arrested.

The patient’s resulting condition has not been publicly disclosed.

This is only one protest that endangered the life of someone. There have been numerous other incidents like this one and I know of at least one where a patient died. Also take into account that many of the protesters are Black Bloc anarchists. They join with other radicals that throw bricks, stones, bottles and whatever else they can at police. They set fires, crash barriers, destroy businesses and shatter car windows. Fascism in the name of stopping fascism, is still fascism. Numerous police officers have been injured and some hospitalized.

“It’s happening,” New Haven Assistant Police Chief Tony Reyes told the Independent. “We have to be ready to deal with and try to do it in a way that balances our commitment to community policing while keeping our officers safe.” Actually, what police will wind up having to do is quell the riots before someone gets killed… police officer or otherwise. They need to take off the kid gloves and enforce the law. Sometimes the only thing that works with rioters is to meet violence with violence.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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