Anti-Trump Rioters Turn On Each Other! Woman Shoved To The Ground And Trump’s The Sexist? [VIDEO]

Anti-Trump Rioters Turn On Each Other! Woman Shoved To The Ground And Trump’s The Sexist? [VIDEO]

This is why we can’t have nice things… this right here. Anti-Trump protesters went bananas in Portland, Oregon. I have family that lives in Portland and not far from there. I hope they stayed far, far away from this. These are anarchists, communists and radicals and they are acting like rabid dogs. They eventually brawled with each other in the street.

Every freak in the world was there and it was a free-for-all… thousands proclaimed that Trump was not their President. Sorry to break it you asshats, but he is indeed your President now, so get over it already. They started fighting with women caught in the middle. Women were shoved to the ground. One guy took a baseball bat to an electrical box and that’s what started this insanity. Portland has a problem.


From The American Mirror:

Some people just want to see the world burn.

As anti-Trump rioters wreaked havoc in the streets of Portland, Oregon on Thursday, they ended up turning on each other and brawling in the road way.

Video shows one rioter hammering an electrical box with a baseball bat.

One human being — who appeared to be a woman (unconfirmed) — stood by the box, apparently shouting for the man to stop.

As he successfully beat the lock off the door, he flung it open, nearly hitting her in the face.

A woman carrying a banner jumped in front of the box, pushed him away and demanded he stop attacking the box.

He pushed her down and that’s when all hell broke loose.

“You’re hitting women!” one person yelled as a woman in a burka could be seen in the scrum.

“F*ck you!” another screamed as the agitators continued to push and shove, before another exclaimed “mic check!”

Eventually, the mob moved on while one woman wearing a burqa held a sign that read, “Not My President.” This is one of the primary reasons that Donald Trump won the election. The Left has embraced radicalism, lawlessness and violence and most Americans want no part of that scene.

Radicals are destroying their own cities and turning the country into a war zone under Progressives. Mainstream America wants a President that will bring jobs and stability back to America and the Left just hates that. All these riots and fights like this just make it ever more likely that a conservative will be elected in 2020 as well.

Thugs beating up a white Trump supporter… and they wonder why Hillary lost:

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