Back in the Saddle! Trump’s Florida Early Voting Lead By 120,000

Back in the Saddle! Trump’s Florida Early Voting Lead By 120,000

Florida is experiencing a first for voting and Republicans. For what may be the very first time in Florida, a Republican is ahead in the polls leading up to the election that decides the next President of the United States.

That man is Donald Trump and he’s not winning by a few points, he’s winning by a long shot! He’s up 120,000 in early voting in Florida. That’s A LOT if you ask me. If he was winning by 12, then I’d say it’s not a big decisive number. However, 120,000 is YUGE and Hillary will need a lot of help from undocumented illegal immigrant voters to catch up.


The Gateway Pundit – Florida is a must-win state for Donald Trump to declare victory on election day and the good news is that he’s off to a very good start.

In fact, his lead in early voting there is a first for Republicans.

Florida has always been known to me as the state with the really weird crime, but now Florida has something else to be known for. At least twice a year there’s someone in Florida arrested for bath salts and eating someone’s face. Now Florida has Republicans in the lead for the first time in that state. Another accomplishment!


Monday, September 26, 2016 is a big night for Donald Trump. Can he defeat Hillary Clinton in the debates at Hofstra? Will Hillary Clinton cough her way out of it? Will Donald Trump turn this into a comedy roast and destroy the Clinton feelings when Gennifer Flowers walks in and sits by Mr. Cuban?

This Monday night debate could go down in history as one of the most watched Presidential debates ever. It could also become one of the most comedic circus events… which doesn’t speak well for our country.

I don’t know if our debates for President should be funny, or if we’re simply turning a corner and not taking things serious anymore.

Will Trump add to his numbers in Florida, or will Hillary be known as the master debater?

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