Benghazi Hero Tells President Trump What To Do With Susan Rice – NO MERCY! [VIDEO]

Benghazi Hero Tells President Trump What To Do With Susan Rice – NO MERCY! [VIDEO]

This week, we’ve been reporting on the President Trump surveillance cover-up. What we know concerning surveillance on Trump and his transition team is limited. It started a year before Trump was inaugurated. His staff members were definitely under surveillance. There was a FISA warrant and Rice did compile spreadsheets on phone calls and unmask people. Those names were then sent out to a number of people, all of whom could have leaked the names etc. The trick here will be nailing people for a crime and proving that Barack Obama and/or Valerie Jarrett ordered the dirty work. We also need to know who sent what to the Washington Post.

One of the heroes of Benghazi, Kris Paronto, joined “Fox & Friends” to give his opinion on the bombshell Susan Rice unmasking report.

Rice was a former national security adviser for President Obama and is accused of seeking to unmask the identities of individuals associated with President Trump. whose information was “incidentally collected” in intelligence reports.

Rice responded to the accusation telling MSNBC on Tuesday that she “absolutely” did not order the unmasking of individuals for political purposes. She also seemed to admit that sometimes such a request would be necessary for an investigation.

“She has no credibility,” Paronto said. “I don’t know how people continue to believe her.”

Paronto said that it’s very suspect that Rice seems to have changed her story, as she had previously claimed she knew “nothing” about the intelligence reports.

“Double-talk, half-truths, that’s still lies,” Paronto said. “Within the veterans’ community, within Rangers, SEALs, Marines, there’s no such thing as a half-truth. It’s a lie [or] it’s not a lie.”

He announced that THIS is the golden opportunity for President Trump to crack down and “make an example” of a corrupt government bureaucrat. “President Trump’s been given an opportunity here to set a precedent and stop this.”

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