Bibi Visits Trump And LEVELS Reporter Looking For A Fight – MEDIA DOWN! [VIDEO]

Bibi Visits Trump And LEVELS Reporter Looking For A Fight – MEDIA DOWN! [VIDEO]


Obviously the relationship between America and Israel has suffered greatly in the last eight years. In the time that Barack H. Obama has been president, Israel and America have grown further and further apart. This was certainly accelerated by the foreign policy that Barack Obama embraced as president which ostracized and betrayed our allies in Israel.

Now, after eight rough years, President Donald Trump has walked in and is smoothing ruffled feathers and helping things to be strong and healthy again. And yet despite the incredible relationship that exists between Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu, the media is crying that Donald Trump is anti-Semitic… seriously??? Even after fostering a great relationship with the nation of Israel and having a daughter raise his grandchildren Jewish?? Good heavens!

And it seems like the Prime Minister of Israel wanted to make that clear in a press conference yesterday. He was pretty clear on the subject.

“There is no greater support of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than President Donald Trump,” Netanyahu said resolutely. “I think we should put that to rest.”

And this is exactly what needed to be said. People have to stop blaming Donald Trump for everything! He is not responsible for the mess that President Obama made!

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