Bill Kristol Is Betraying The Country By Wanting Democracy Or Something

Sadly, David Horowitz, a guy who used to be a staunch American Conservative, is now a big Trumpite, and he is very, very unhappy with Bill Kristol at the uber-Trump supporting Breitbart

David Horowitz: ‘Kristol’s Betrayal Gets Serious’

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, Bill Kristol doubled down on his betrayal of this country with a pair of tweets:

“Just a heads up over this holiday weekend: There will be an independent candidate — an impressive one, with a strong team and a real chance,” Kristol tweeted.

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He also said, “Those accused of betraying GOP by opposing Trump can take heart from P. Henry 251 years ago today: ‘If this be treason, make the most of it!’”

This fatuous invocation of an American patriot to justify the betrayal typifies the arrogant disregard for political realities shared by all those involved in a defection that could produce even greater disasters than the Obama era’s 400,000 deaths by jihad and 20 million refugees across the Middle East.

So, Kristol pushing for an independent candidate to run against Hillary and Donald is now a betrayal of the country. Seriously. This is what is being pushed at Breitbart. Andrew is surely rolling in his grave. This is an absurd line of attack, which, really, deems all those who refuse to get on the Trump Train as traitors. I’ve been called a traitor myself by Trump supporters, for failing to support a guy who has little in common with my deeply held beliefs, a guy who is mostly a squishy Democrat.

Horowitz gives little reason to actually support Trump. He just assumes that Trump is better than Hillary, because she’s a registered Democrat. Like Trump used to be. He does spend a long time discussing counter-jihad, and how Democrats have been the party of appeasement and avoidance, till he gets to

Within three months of the invasion, with American troops still in harm’s way, the Democrats who had authorized the use of force and spoken in favor of the removal of Saddam turned against the war and began a five-year campaign to sabotage it. The Democrats reversal — and betrayal of our men and women in arms — was triggered by a presidential primary in which a left-wing candidate, Howard Dean, was running away with the Democratic nomination.

Guess who else decided to complain and oppose the Operation Iraqi Freedom at the same time as the Democratic Party? Donald Trump.

This is the issue that defines the coming election. A party in denial about the Muslim holy war against America and its allies, whose basic instinct is to weaken America’s defenses and enable her enemies, is opposed by a party that wants to rebuild America’s strength, secure our borders, and put the safety of our people first.

The Kristol attack on the Republican Party and its presumptive candidate Donald Trump is an attack on all Americans and needs to be seen in that light.

These are the kinds of despicable, anti-Democracy attacks on those who do not support Trump at this time that further harden the #NeverTrump support and pushing those who could still be wooed into at least holding their nose and checking the box for Trump closer to the #NeverTrump movement.

How do we know Trump would be better than Democrats? Because he has said so? Where’s the evidence? You know what? It doesn’t matter. The Trumpites like Horowitz can kiss my ass and take their traitor talk and choke themselves with it. Trump, and big supporters like Horowitz, enable comments like this

Thomas Williams: Bill Kristol is guilty of sabotaging the vote of the American people and will be held accountable.

Held accountable for daring to engage in our free and democratic process? Sounds more like Trumpites are veering into fascism/authoritarianism.

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