Black Lives Matter Surround THIS Black Trump Supporter – What Happens Next? EPIC! [WATCH]

Black Lives Matter Surround THIS Black Trump Supporter – What Happens Next? EPIC! [WATCH]

Donald Trump has every right under the Constitution to speak freely and hold rallies. Thugs should not be allowed to shut him down the way they did in Chicago last night. But make no mistake, Trump was also responsible for the atmosphere that allowed this to happen. Trump has established a foundation of an “acceptable level” of violence by making it clear that he condones a “certain amount” of violence as being justified by the frustration and anger of the voters. So, Cruz is right when he says what he did about Trump. Putting that aside… there’s nothing that radical activists, Islamists and communists won’t do to shut Trump down if they can. This guy was having none of that.

Trump Supporter

From Wayne Dupree:

In a coordinated effort, all elements of the establishment are out to stop Donald Trump from being nominated as the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Whether the radical left with the full support of the Democrat Party or the compliant stooges of both the Republican hierarchy and the so-called conservative media, aka Fox News, a full attack has been mounted to “take-out” Donald Trump.

The Black Lives Matter group surrounded this black Trump supporter and tried to change his mind about defending the GOP front-runner, but as you will see, he had the upper hand!

The Black Lives Matter thug tried to bully this Trump supporter into turning on him. Silly rabbit. You just solidified his support of the man. In fact, these protests will make Trump even more popular as the Bubba Effect kicks in. We could have full fledged fighting in the streets by the time the election rolls around. These radicals may follow Trump from city to city and set off the American Spring this summer. Trump has a right to free speech and these people have no right to silence him. He does not have a right to incite violence. His followers have a right to their opinions as well. I think this man handled himself perfectly and it takes a lot of courage to stand up like this. Good for him.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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