Black Radio Show Host ENDORSES Trump On-Air, Then Something Really STUPID Happens…

Black Radio Show Host ENDORSES Trump On-Air, Then Something Really STUPID Happens…

This is just wrong. A black Detroit, Michigan radio host came out in support of Donald Trump. For that, his show was taken off the air. That’s called censorship and although the station has a right to hire and fire as they see fit, they should be ready to accept the consequences for being obviously biased in their programming.

During this election season, I have seen people punished left and right for not following one political candidate or another. My business has not been immune to this and I have lost clientele simply because I will not back Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It’s wrong for this to happen to anyone and it shows just how screwed up our nation is right now and how far we have fallen from being a once-great and free Constitutional Republic.

This time it happened to a black endorser of Trump, but this is also happening to those who won’t follow Donald Trump. It’s rampant and all over the place.


From Young Conservatives:

A Detroit, Michigan radio host has been pulled from local airwaves for supporting GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump after the New York business mogul visited the area on the campaign trail.

Wayne Bradley, a black Trump supporter, took to Facebook to say that he was put on “hiatus” after Trump visited Detroit, saying he has “not been allowed back on the air since.”

“Essentially, I feel like it’s because of Donald Trump,” Bradley told The American Mirror in an exclusive interview. “I’ve never been allowed back in the studio.”

“I was never told of anything, other than it was a ‘hiatus,’” Wayne said.

When The American Mirror contacted the Detroit radio station, a representative said, “He’s no longer on the air,” after being asked about Bradley.

Dr. Drew lost his job ostensibly over bringing up Hillary Clinton’s health. Now this. People are being removed and silenced because they air their personal opinions and political beliefs. I don’t even recognize my country anymore. First Amendment rights are being ‘selectively’ observed for a very few out there and only when they follow a certain political agenda.

Wayne Bradley has been put on permanent hiatus from that radio station after endorsing Donald Trump. I certainly hope that their listeners hear of this and boycott that station. Today it is Wayne Bradley, tomorrow it could be anyone one of us, no matter who you support. Fascism seems to be coming into vogue in this country and it is frightening.

Just because you are black, does not mean you should be forced to vote for Hillary Clinton. Even this station’s Facebook page is silencing dissenters. Just because you are a Republican does not mean you should be badgered into voting for Donald Trump. These types of attitudes and thuggery destroy nations. Americans have always voted freely… until now. Things are definitely turning dark in America.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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