BOOM: Trump Just Accomplished What NOBODY Ever Has

by Cassy Fiano | May 22, 2017 12:47 pm

Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, the administration had a policy of making sure not to offend Muslims, ever. The Obama administration tiptoed around the leaders of Muslim countries in the Middle East, even as Americans were being killed. But Donald Trump just did something on his first overseas trip[1] that Obama would never have done.


Sunday, Trump met with the heads of over 20 Muslim states and his speech got major attention around the world. In it, he explained that Muslim countries would need to take a larger role in stamping out terrorism and extremism, as opposed to expecting the United States to solve the problem for them.

But Trump also got headlines for taking a direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel, believed to be the first time anyone has ever done so. Trump left Riyadh and flew directly to Tel Aviv to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A spokesperson for the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel said that to his knowledge, no one had ever taken that flight path before.

The relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia is a bit nuanced; the two have shared interests in some things, like managing the Iranian threat and Israeli citizens can travel to Saudi Arabia. But any ties between the two countries are strictly informal, with only Egypt and Jordan having ever signed peace deals with Israel.

However, Trump’s direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel won’t change too much, according to former aviation authority head Avner Yarkoni. While Israel wouldn’t have a problem with Trump’s direct flight, he said that there was no reason to believe it would open up new routes between the two countries. Still, Trump’s flight certainly got attention, because it sends a big message. While our previous presidents gave Muslim countries cash and bowed down to them, while damaging our relationship with Israel, Trump is insisting that these countries do more to fight terrorism and letting the world know that he supports Israel.

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