BOOM! Trump Just Made Sure NO ONE In His Admin Will Use ‘Position’ To “ENRICH” Themselves!

BOOM! Trump Just Made Sure NO ONE In His Admin Will Use ‘Position’ To “ENRICH” Themselves!

Politicians love using their positions for their own gain. Donald Trump knows this, but he’s not going to have it in his administration. In fact, he’s just made a move to ensure that none of his staffers will be able to use their influence to enrich themselves.


Trump’s transition team has announced that officials in his administration will be required to sign a contract that would prevent them from lobbying for at least five years after leaving their job with the administration. Sean Spicer, RNC spokesman, also said that anyone who joins the team also must quit their job with any federal or state lobbying agency.

There have been some allegations of conflict in the Trump transition team, mostly between Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Trump allegedly was “disgusted” by Christie over the Bridgegate allegations. Vice President-elect Mike Pence has officially taken over the transition team and immediately afterwards, began to rid the team of lobbyists.

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“It goes back to Mr. Trump’s goal of making sure people aren’t using government to enrich themselves,” Spicer said.

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